Bring the bohemian Ibiza vibe to your home

We transformed our attic into a cosy bohemian place

Last month we decided to collaborate with @edc_eventspiration to transform our attic into a cosy bohemian place. As Valentine's Day is approaching we figured there was no better time to get our attic ready for a romantic bohemian evening. Check out below what we used to make the space so cosy and how you can create your own bohemian setting with all of our items.

Before and after attic transformation.

DYI: Bohemian chill corner

Get cozy and hide from the cold outside in a dreamy boho corner of your home. Create your own romantic bohemian place with our bohemian home decor items.

Collect all your pillows and rugs

Start by putting down a rug, different boho pillows and or kilim poufs to make a sitting corner. Combine different colors and patterns. A natural jute carpet will make the boho pillows stand out even better.


Boho table setting

Look for your best cutlery, pots, bowls, placemats and glasses. Everything you need to set your table in style for a romantic dinner. Use a beige table cloth or natural placemats. 

Candles, lanterns and candle holders

Decorate the room with as many candles and lanterns you can find. Place them around the table and hang them on the ceiling with natural cords.

Vases and pampas

Put vases of different shapes together and use pampas and, or dried flowers to make the bohemian look complete.

Created the perfect chill corner? Don't forget to relax and enjoy!

Rent our bohemian setting

Don't have the time or courage to create your own bohemian corner? Rent our bohemian setting! 

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